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M.Sc., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, December 2018
University of Toronto

B.S., Biological Sciences, 2013
University of California, Davis


M.Sc. Graduate Student Researcher, 2015-2018
University of Toronto, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Advisor: Dr. Marc Johnson

  • Designed and executed an original research thesis as required for the completion of a M.Sc. degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto which investigated the role of novel species interactions and biogeography on the evolution of plant investment in pollinator attraction traits on islands.

  • Studied broadly the ecology and evolution of species interactions, including the co-evolutionary dynamics of mutualistic, competitive and antagonistic interactions.

  • Sampled natural plant populations in urban habitats in the U.S. and Canada.

  •  Supervised, mentored, and collaborated with four undergraduate students as they conducted independent research projects.

Evolutionary Ecologist, Visiting Researcher, 2013-2015
UC Davis, Dept. of Ecology and Evolution, Advisor: Dr. Santiago Ramírez

  • Designed and executed an independent research project investigating the evolutionary and ecological role floral scent plays in mediating plant-pollinator interactions and speciation in the Neotropical orchid genus Gongora which resulted in two first-author publications in peer-reviewed, high-impact scientific journals.

  •  Improved upon and developed a standardized field protocol for the collection of floral volatiles as well as streamlined and documented data processing workflows for the analysis of collected floral volatiles.

  •  Coordinated the execution of a week-long field experiment in the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica as part of a six-member team.

  • Mentored three undergraduate students and visiting researchers on the use of Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) equipment for the analysis of floral volatile data.

Undergraduate Student Researcher, 2012-2013
UC Davis, Dept. of Plant Biology, Advisors: Drs. Julin Maloof & Susan Bush

  • Designed an experiment which implemented real time qPCR in order to investigate how differential gene expression among plant tissues in tomato influences phenotypic changes between light and shade conditions.


  • Research Design in the Sciences, Program for Accessing Research Training (PART) Program, Academic Skills Center, U of Toronto Mississauga

  • Guest Lecture, Understanding Phylogenies, Ornithology (BIO326), U of Toronto Mississauga

  • Phylogenetic Principles (BIO443), Marking TA, U of Toronto Mississauga

  • Intro to Plant Morphology and Physiology (BIO 203), Laboratory and Tutorial TA, U of Toronto Mississauga

  • Biometrics (BIO 360), Written Report Marking TA, U of Toronto Mississauga

  • Intro to Evolution (BIO 152), Laboratory TA, U of Toronto Mississauga

  • Diversity of Organisms (BIO 153), Laboratory TA, U of Toronto Mississauga